Our Vision for Dig Indigenous


  • To lead in the South African market with a fully identifiable brand of consumer-friendly products.
  • To promote awareness of South Africa’s biodiversity and encourage the public to plant indigenous by highlighting the benefits of indigenous plants.
  • To maintain and build on promotional activities.
  • To maintain quality research and development of marketing strategies and the identification of potential growth opportunities.
  • To ensure a growth benefit from our marketing program that motivates growers and retailers by lifting the profile of Dig Indigenous in the leisure market.
  • To find, introduce and launch new products (species and hybrids) in conjunction with growers and retailers countrywide.
  • To provide value for money for retailers, growers and consumers.


Mission Statement for Dig Indigenous


The Dig Indigenous brand creates value to people and the environment by offering a customised palette of indigenous plants, a vibrant and easily recognisable brand and information services to our clients and the public.

We Do this by:

  • Providing retailers with high quality, correctly and clearly labelled products and the means to merchandise them.
  • Promoting environmental awareness
  • Maintaining a team of competent staff
  • Successfully adapting to change
  • Living by our core values of ethics, integrity, competence, helpfulness, commitment, tenacity, accountability, service, fairness, vision and pro-active thinking.
  • Providing growers with the highest quality research and development, marketing strategies and systems.

How Retailers Benefit:
Trademarked brand appeal: The cheerful and patriotic butterfly brand promotes instant recognition of indigenous plants and adds pleasure to the consumer’s final purchase.

Dig Indigenous will create and publish press releases and articles in targeted areas to promote the brand and its stockists interests. Regular articles in the ‘The Gardener’ magazine (currently six times per year) feature Dig Indigenous plants and stimulate demand. retailers will be informed in advance regarding featured products.
Dig Indigenous will be featured in the trade press with a quarter page, full colour advertisement approximately every four months. Regional Newspapers in the Western and Eastern Cape will carry seasonal articles coupled with advertising in their weekend supplements. Top Dig Indigenous stockists (retailers) will be listed.

Bar code Labels: Shopping is made easy with promotional directive labels. This, together with bar-coding, helps both the retailer and the consumer. They labels are also attractive and easy to read. Since the label is a ‘stick-on’ rather than a tag, labels cannot go missing or end up creating litter.

The ‘how to get the most out of your Dig Indigenous plants’ brochure inspires confidence, and follow up information is available via Facebook  interaction. The purpose of this page is to provide information to the public, to showcase products and to promote Dig Indigenous stockists. The ‘Dig Indigenous’ Facebook page will be promoted from time to time with paid Facebook advertising in order to raise the profile of the ‘Dig Indigenous’ brand. Regular posts will strive to promote interaction and extend our reach.

Ready-made kit of marketing materials that will encourage retailers to apply this ‘point of difference’ within their stores and will allow for public brand recognition and repeat business. Point of sale material is supplied to retailers free of charge (excluding the variety a poster which is R160.00 )

Custom-made display unit: Retailers can arrange to lease / buy a space-saving display unit that showcases the plants to perfection. Our website provides a wealth of plant information and gives exposure to stockists of ‘Dig Indigenous’ plants.


Garden club talks: These can be arranged with ‘Dig Indigenous’. Credible and entertaining speakers will help garden clubs to promote themselves and the brand.Radio: Dig Indigenous currently features on Eden FM every Wednesday. Other possible exposure will be explored.

Fairs and Shows: Dig Indigenous offers its full support in preparing and supplying materials and products for special displays at fairs and shows provided that both logo and products receive positive exposure.

Retailers can negotiate a rebate plan depending on their turnover of Dig Indigenous plants and / or growth in sales. Unique products together with a full set of information on how they should be grown and used. Free R&D (Research and Development) makes sure that new products are constantly being researched and released.