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Coleonema ‘Pink Diamond’


Garden advice and tips | South African plants

From Spring to Summer in the Indigenous Garden

"A garden requires patient labour and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfil good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them.” Liberty Hyde Bailey The year speeds by marked by the changing array of...

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Create a bird restaurant with South African plants

A garden can become a great place to preserve the natural food webs that exist in your area. Let’s look at one way that you can work in harmony with the environment. You can plant trees, shrubs and flowers that will attract birds, but you can also cheat and put up...

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The South African Plants craze: is it crazy?

I suppose every gardener hears it from time to time: ‘Go with South African plants’ they say. Some of us shake our heads and think of the veldt. It seldom looks like anything we’d like in our front yard! We’d far rather think in terms of formal, English country style...

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Cool Plectranthus Colours in your Garden this Autumn

Autumn is usually associated with the warm colours of deciduous trees whose leaves shade to red and gold as nature prepares to enter winter dormancy.However, our lovely climate has produced some plants that burst into autumn bloom and many of these are cool blues,...

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Creating a Feng Shui Garden using South African Plants

Attract positive energy to your garden and into your life with an indigenous Feng Shui Garden. Feng Shui enhances and synergises nature’s elements to achieve balance and attract life giving energy. This results in an inviting, relaxing and energizing space that will...

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Romantic Moonlight Garden Ideas

If you like taking strolls through your garden at night, you are a selenophile or simply a hopeless romantic, then you need a moon garden. It is also practical, since it is already dark when most people get home from work, a moon garden can offer us a little bit of...

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“As an avid gardener just love your informative blog on indigenous plants”



“Educational site, enjoy learning about the indigenous plants, my own garden is now a delight.”

Lisa – Johannesburg


“Nice to know what is South African grown, and to read up about the different flowers”

Colleen Joseph


About Us

The Dig Indigenous brand creates value for you and the environment by offering a customised palette of indigenous plants and information services. So if you are looking for small garden landscaping ideas, Garden tips or information about South African plants, then you are definitely at the right place.

Look for the butterfly in a garden centre near you

Since 1989, we have been growing indigenous plants for the green industry, informing the public about indigenous gardening, investigating the ornamental and practical value of indigenous plants never before grown in commercial horticulture and breeding new indigenous hybrids.

We grow to help you grow
We’re always ready to back up our plants with useful and accurate information to assist you.

It can only be from Dig Indigenous
Since our establishment it has always been our aim to supply a distinctive range of high quality indigenous plants. From tried and tested favourites, to the ‘new and different’. All our indigenous plants are presented in the peak of health – just add water for instant results!

It’s about you and what they need
Do you need to improve your garden? Rehabilitate an area to its natural state? You can be sure we’ll ‘hang in there’ until we find the right solution to your requirements.

The more things change the more we change
We know that you are exposed to a changing environment and that your needs will change as years go by. We keep our fingers on the pulse and strive to meet changes head on, sometimes even pre-empting them by being ready before the demand arises. Once we become aware of a need, it’s our aim to satisfy it.

It’s about Mother Nature
Before we arrived on the scene; the idea of an all-indigenous wholesale nursery was unheard of. Since then, a lot of previously ‘desirable’ ornamentals have proved to be invasive. We provide environmentally appropriate ornamentals for every purpose.

Our Vision

  • To promote awareness of South Africa’s biodiversity and encourage the public to plant indigenous by highlighting the benefits of indigenous plants.
  • To find, introduce and launch new products (species and hybrids) in conjunction with growers and garden centres countrywide.
  • To ensure a growth benefit from our marketing program that motivates growers and garden centres by lifting the profile of Dig Indigenous in the leisure market.
  • To provide value for money for garden centres , growers and consumers.

Mission Statement

  • Providing garden centres with high quality, correctly and clearly labelled products and the means to merchandise them.
  • Promoting environmental awareness
  • Successfully adapting to change
  • Living by our core values of ethics, integrity, competence, helpfulness, commitment, tenacity, accountability, service, fairness, vision and pro-active thinking.

How Garden Centres Benefit:
Trademarked brand appeal: The cheerful and patriotic butterfly brand promotes instant recognition of indigenous plants and adds pleasure to the consumer’s final purchase.


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